Memory Lane Challenge

Thank you for nominating me RaymondSanti and Sensationaltragedy !


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2. Share FIVE of your favourite moments from your legacy/challenge/story so far.
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The moment Simon and Celeste became a couple!


And, likewise, when he proposed to her, starting their family.


When Irene met David for the first time at the bar, following her discovery of her boyfriend’s cheating.


When they finally became a couple, after everything that happened in Twinbrook!


When they all became a big happy family of four!

And this was kind of hard to pick, because I have many favorite moments from this story. None for Gen 3 yet, because we’re only 3 chapters in, but soon, soon.

My nominations are:

Twinsimskeletons for SOL

Legendofsim for A Graying World

Stormy for The Life and Times of the Willows